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Latest ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 31/07/2015   

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Friday 31 July 2015
    Land Management and Farming in Australia, 2013-14
    This product provides information on a variety of management practices being adopted by Australian agricultural businesses, including cropping and pasture management, soil management, fertiliser use, natural environment conservation protection, and animal management. Data are presented at Australian, state/territory and regional levels.
    Australian System of Government Finance Statistics: Concepts, Sources and Methods, 2015 Preliminary
    The Australian system of Government Finance Statistics has been reviewed to incorporate the changes sought by the International Monetary Fund as outlined in its Government Finance Statistics Manual 2014. This pre-publication draft is being issued for consultation prior to release of the final version.
    Information Paper: Forthcoming Changes to Labour Force Statistics, August 2015
    This is the seventh issue of this information paper. This issue describes changes to plans that were published in the last issue.
    Producer Price Indexes, Australia, June 2015
    Contains a range of producer price indexes. Firstly, economy-wide indexes are presented within a Stage of Production (SOP) framework, followed by a set of stand-alone measures relating to specific industries within the Australian economy (selected mining, manufacturing, construction and services industries).

Monday 3 August 2015
No scheduled releases today.

Tuesday 4 August 2015
Replacement Content
    Australian National Accounts: Input-Output Tables, 2004-05 Final
    This replacement corrects errors in the estimates of Employment By Industry for the industries; Motor Vehicles and Parts and Other Transport Equipment manufacturing, Ships and Boat Manufacturing, Railway Rolling Stock Manufacturing and Aircraft Manufacturing in Table 20.
    International Trade in Goods and Services, Australia, June 2015
    Provides estimates for 15 months of the major aggregates for, and the balance on, international trade in goods and services (balance of payments basis) in both seasonally adjusted and trend estimates terms. Longer term graphs are provided, in seasonally adjusted and trend estimates terms, for the goods and services aggregates, and the balance on goods and services. In addition it provides more detailed commodity statistics for both goods and services in original terms, with goods provided on balance of payments and international trade basis, together with year-to-date information. More detailed services statistics, in seasonally adjusted and trend terms on a monthly basis as well as original terms on a quarterly basis are also provided. Merchandise imports and exports are provided at one and two digit SITC level with selected commodities at three digit level. Merchandise trade data are provided by country and by state. Data on exchange rates and analytical comments are included.
    Retail Trade, Australia, June 2015
    Contains monthly estimates of turnover for retail establishments. Trend, seasonally adjusted and original estimates are included for industry groups and states and Australia in current price terms. More detailed current price data classified by state and industry sub group are available from the downloads tab on the ABS website

Wednesday 5 August 2015
Replacement Content
    Standard Australian Classification of Countries (SACC), 2011
    This release updates references to the title of the classification on the about the classification page.
First Issue
    Research Paper: Constructing an Experimental Household-Level Socio-Economic Index of Disadvantage Using GSS Data, August 2015
    This paper explored the feasibility of constructing an experimental socio-economic index of disadvantage at the household level using General Social Survey (GSS) data. The interest in finer level indexes arises from the need for detailed disadvantage information to complement broad measures such as area based indexes. The GSS covers a broad range of socio-economic variables which enables the incorporation of many dimensions of disadvantage. The 2010 and 2014 GSS datasets were analysed separately to construct an index of disadvantage for each period. Both simple and complex measures of disadvantage were explored. The simple measures consisted of counts of indicators and domains of disadvantage while the complex method involved using weights derived from principal component analysis to combine the variables to derive a summary or composite measure of disadvantage.

Thursday 6 August 2015
    Labour Force, Australia, July 2015
    Summary results of the monthly Labour Force Survey containing estimates of employed and unemployed persons classified by sex, full-time/part-time status, states and territories and some age groups; and persons not in the labour force.
    Livestock and Meat, Australia, June 2015
    This publication presents statistics on livestock slaughterings and meat production. These statistics are based on a monthly collection from abattoirs and other major slaughtering establishments and include estimates of animals slaughtered by country butchers and other small slaughtering establishments. More detailed information on this series can be obtained by referring to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) quarterly publication, Livestock Products, Australia (cat. no. 7215.0). Additional time series spreadsheets containing state/territory and national data are available from the Downloads tab for this publication. These spreadsheets contain original, seasonally adjusted and trend estimates for slaughtering and meat production for bulls, bullocks and steers, cows and heifers, cattle (excluding calves), calves, sheep, lambs and pigs.
Additional Information
    Building Approvals, Australia, June 2015
    These data cubes present Building Approvals data for small geographic areas.

Friday 7 August 2015
    Overseas Arrivals and Departures, Australia, June 2015
    The monthly Overseas Arrivals and Departures (OAD) publication contains statistics on the travel movements of persons arriving in, and departing from, Australia. The focus of this publication is to provide information and analysis of short-term movements (i.e. less than one year), in particular short-term visitor arrivals (STVA) and short-term resident departures (STRD). Statistics on permanent and long-term movements (i.e. one year or more) are also available, however, permanent and long-term movements in this publication are not an appropriate source for migration statistics. For information on Net Overseas Migration (NOM) refer to Migration, Australia (cat. no. 3412.0) and for quarterly NOM data Australian Demographic Statistics (cat. no. 3101.0).
    Housing Finance, Australia, June 2015
    Contains time series data for secured and unsecured housing finance commitments for owner occupation, commitments for construction or purchase of dwellings for rent or resale, and loan outstandings to individuals/households for housing. For secured housing finance for owner occupation, this publication presents the number and value of commitments made by banks, permanent building societies, wholesale lenders n.e.c. and other lenders, provided to individuals/households. These commitments are classified by construction of dwellings, the purchase of new and established dwellings, the refinancing of existing dwellings and alterations and additions to dwellings.

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