Media Releases by Catalogue Number

49. Social statistics - general

4901.0Children's Participation in Cultural and Leisure Activities, Australia (Media Release), Apr 2009
4901.0Children prefer TV, reading and computer games to sport and art (Media Release), Apr 2003
4901.0Swimming and soccer the most popular sports for children (Media Release), Apr 2012
4901.0What kids do when they're not at school - it's not just TV (Media Release), Apr 2006
4901.0What kids get up to: Lots of TV, some sport and a little arts (Media Release), Apr 2003
4901.0.55.001Dancing and martial arts experience kick in popularity (Media Release), 2003 - 2012
4903.1NSW men and women: balancing work and care (Media Release), Oct 2000
4903.3Balancing carer responsibilities with work in Queensland (Media Release), Oct 2002
4904.6Tasmanians love going to the market (Media Release), Oct 2000
4906.0ABS survey shows decline in rates of violence (Media Release), 2016
4906.0Australia's 18 to 24 year-olds most at risk of violence (Media Release), 2012
4906.0First national personal safety survey released today: ABS, 2005 (Reissue)
4912.1One in two adults in NSW care for others: ABS (Media Release), Oct 2005
4913.0Grandparents stepping in when mum goes back to work (Media Release), Nov 2011
4913.0Paid maternity leave used by one-third of employed mothers-to-be (Media Release), Nov 2005
4921.0More than a quarter of Australians participate in cultural activities (Media Release), 2013-14
4921.0More women participate but more men get paid for their participation in cultural activities (Media Release), 2010-11