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Food Retailing

Australia at a Glance, 2008 (cat no. 1309.0)
Australian Economic Indicators, Jul 2012 (cat no. 1350.0)
Australian Industry, 2013-14 (cat no. 8155.0)
Business Operations and Industry Performance, Australia, 2000-01 (cat no. 8140.0)
Business Operations and Industry Performance, Australia, Preliminary, 2000-01 (cat no. 8142.0)
Cafes, Restaurants and Catering Services, Australia, 2006-07 (cat no. 8655.0)
Contribution of Gambling to Retail Estimates, Jun 2007 (cat no. 8501.0.55.003)
Experimental Estimates, Australian Industry, A State Perspective, 1999-2000 (cat no. 8156.0)
Food Safety, Tasmania, October 1996 (cat no. 4344.6)
Generosity of Australian Businesses, 2000-01 (cat no. 8157.0)
Industry Concentration Statistics, 1998-99 (cat no. 8140.0.40.001)
Information Paper: ANZSIC 2006 Implementation in Retail Trade Statistics, July 2009, July 2009 (cat no. 8501.0.55.006)
Information Paper: Changes to Spreadsheets for Retail Trade, Australia, May 2006 (cat no. 8501.0.55.004)
Information Paper: Changes to the Retail Trade Series, Jul 2004 (cat no. 8501.0.55.002)
Introduction of Improved Monthly Retail Trade Statistics, 1994 Information Paper (cat no. 8511.0)
NSW State and Regional Indicators, Dec 2010 (cat no. 1338.1)
Pocket Year Book, Australia, 2000 (cat no. 1302.0)
Publications and Products Released in January 2002, Jan 2002 (cat no. 1102.0)
Queensland Year Book (Hard cover), 2001 (cat no. 1301.3)
Regional Indicators, South Australia, 1998 (cat no. 1314.4)
Retail and Wholesale Industries, Australia, 2012-13 (cat no. 8622.0)
Retail and Wholesale Industries, Australia: Commodities, 2005-06 (cat no. 8624.0)
Retail Industry, State and Territory Summary, 1991-92 (cat no. 8625.0)
Retail Trade Special Data Services: Self Comparison Reports - Data Report, 1996 (cat no. 8513.0.40.001)
Retail Trade Special Data Service: Customised Reports - Data Report, 1999-2000 (cat no. 8513.0.40.003)
Retail Trade, Australia, Dec 2015 (cat no. 8501.0)
Retailing in New South Wales, 1991-92 (cat no. 8623.1)
Retailing in Queensland, 1991-92 (cat no. 8623.3)
Retailing in South Australia, 1991-92 (cat no. 8623.4)
Retailing in Victoria, 1991-92 (cat no. 8623.2)
Retailing in Western Australia, 1991-92 (cat no. 8623.5)
SA Stats, Jun 2011 (cat no. 1345.4)
Service Industries Statistics Newsletter, Nov 2008 (cat no. 8601.0)
Shopping Preferences, Australian Capital Territory, Oct 1997 (cat no. 8644.8)
South Australia at a Glance, 2009 (cat no. 1306.4)
South Australian Year Book, 1999 (cat no. 1301.4)
Statistical Trends, NSW, 2007 (cat no. 1338.1.55.001)
Statistics Victoria, Jun 2011 (cat no. 1100.2)
StatSearch, A Reference Guide to Western Australian Statistics, 1998 (cat no. 1359.5)
Summary of Industry Performance, 2000-01 (cat no. 8142.0.55.002)
Summary of Industry Performance, 1998-99 (cat no. 8140.0.40.002)
Summary of Industry Performance, 2000-01 (cat no. 8140.0.55.002)
Tourism Indicators, Australia, Sep 2002 (cat no. 8634.0)
Victoria at a Glance, 2001 (cat no. 1305.2)
Year Book Australia on CD-ROM, 2006 (cat no. 1301.0.30.001)

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