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Australia at a Glance, 2008 (cat no. 1309.0)
Australian Capital Territory in Focus, 2007 (cat no. 1307.8)
Characteristics of Businesses in Selected Growth Sectors, Australia, 2013-14 (cat no. 8170.0)
Discussion Paper: Measuring a Knowledge-based Economy and Society - An Australian Framework, Aug 2002 (cat no. 1375.0)
Innovation and Technology Update, Dec 2014 (cat no. 8101.0)
Innovation in Australian Business, 2012-13 (cat no. 8158.0)
Innovation in Industry, 1993-94., 1993-94 (cat no. 8117.0)
Innovation in Manufacturing, Australia, 1996-97 (cat no. 8116.0)
Innovation in Mining, Australia, 1996-97 (cat no. 8121.0)
Innovation in Selected Australian Industries, 1994 (cat no. 8118.0)
Manufacturing Production, Australia: Energy Products, August 1994 to October 1994 (cat no. 8368.0)
Manufacturing Production, Australia: Food, Drink, Tobacco, Stock and Poultry Food, Aug 1994 - Oct 1994 (FINAL) (cat no. 8359.0)
Manufacturing Production, Australia: Transport Equipment, July 1994 to September 1994 (cat no. 8363.0)
Measures of Australia's Progress, 2013 (cat no. 1370.0)
Measures of Australia's Progress: At A Glance, 2008 (cat no. 1383.0.55.002)
Measures of Australia's Progress: Summary Indicators, 2009 (cat no. 1383.0.55.001)
Microdata: Business Longitudinal Database, Australia, 2006-07 to 2010-11 (cat no. 8168.0.55.001)
Microdata: Innovation in Australian Business, Expanded CURF, 2003 (cat no. 8158.0.55.001)
Patterns of Innovation in Australian Businesses, 2005 (cat no. 8163.0)
Pocket Year Book, Australia, 2000 (cat no. 1302.0)
Publications and Products Released in January 2002, Jan 2002 (cat no. 1102.0)
Queensland Year Book (Hard cover), 2001 (cat no. 1301.3)
Research and Experimental Development, All Sector Summary, Australia, 2008-09 (cat no. 8112.0)
Research and Experimental Development, Businesses, Australia, 2013-14 (cat no. 8104.0)
Research and Experimental Development, Government and Private Non-Profit Organisations, Australia, 2012-13 (cat no. 8109.0)
Research and Experimental Development, Higher Education Organisations, Australia, 2012 (cat no. 8111.0)
South Australian Year Book, 1999 (cat no. 1301.4)
Statistics Victoria, Jun 2011 (cat no. 1100.2)
Summary of IT Use and Innovation in Selected Growth Sectors, Australia, 2013-14 (cat no. 8166.0.80.001)
Technical Manual: Business Longitudinal Database, CURF, Australia, 2004-05 to 2009-10 (cat no. 8168.0.55.002)
Technical Manual: Innovation in Australian Business, Expanded CURF, 2003 (cat no. 8158.0.55.002)
Venture Capital and Later Stage Private Equity, Australia, 2013-14 (cat no. 5678.0)
Year Book Australia on CD-ROM, 2006 (cat no. 1301.0.30.001)

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