Microdata by Catalogue Number

43. Health

4324.0.55.001Microdata: Australian Health Survey, National Health Survey, 2011-12
4324.0.55.002Microdata: Australian Health Survey: Nutrition and Physical Activity, 2011-12
4324.0.55.003Microdata: Australian Health Survey, Core Content - Risk Factors and Selected Health Conditions, 2011-12
4326.0.30.001Microdata: National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing, Basic and Expanded CURF, 2007
4326.0.30.002Technical Manual: National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing, Confidentialised Unit Record Files, 2007
4326.5.30.001Microdata: Mental Health and Wellbeing of Adults, Basic CURF, Western Australia, 1997
4363.0.55.001Australian Health Survey: Users' Guide, 2011-13